Outlook opening hyperlinks in Edge

Once again Microsoft has pulled a masterstroke in trying to force people to use their Edge browser rather than Chrome or Firefox which statistic show are far more popular than Edge. The latest incarnation of this is an update to Microsoft Office, in particular Outlook where hyperlinks now open with Edge rather than your default browser. This shouldn't really be an issue, unless of course it links to a site you have to sign into and the login details are saved in Chrome, or you are going to a website you use on a reglular basis and it detects you as a new visitor, skewing the stats for the site.  Luckily they have release a fix for this so you can revert back to your default browser within Outlook. 

1. Firstly in Outlook, click on File - Options and the following Window Appears 

2. Click on Advanced in the left hand pane and in the section labelled Link Handling change from Microsoft Edge to Default Browser and click OK

3. If you don't have Default Browser as an option, check for Office updates by doing the following

4. In Outlook click on File - Office Account the following screen will appear

Click on the arrow in Update Options and select "Update Now" from the menu.  Let the updates install and then make the change once you reopen the program.  There is no need to close and reopen Outlook for the change to apply.