Outlook Error Something went wrong [1001]

There have been a few (thousand) reports about Outlook not connecting when opening and a "Need Password" message at the bottom of the page, but when you click on it, the password box either appears and disappears, or doesn't appear at all. Finally you receive an Error Something went wrong [1001] with the only option to close and this repeats itself. A temporary fix for this.....see more

Outlook Opening Hyperlinks in Microsoft Edge

Once again Microsoft has pulled a masterstroke in trying to force people to use their Edge browser rather than Chrome or Firefox which statistic show are far more popular than Edge. The latest incarnation of this is an update to Microsoft Office, in particular Outlook where hyperlinks now open with Edge rather than your default browser......see more 

Microsoft Outlook Password Prompt Disappearing – Microsoft 365 Mailbox

One of the problems we are seeing quite often is Microsoft 365 email clients failing to connect to the Outlook servers which a message appearing with Password Required, but the box either appears and quickly disappears, or doesn’t accept any password put into it....see more

Windows Server Essentials 2016 SSL Certificate Renewal Fails

For those supporting Windows Server Essentials 2016 (as the loss of functionality in future versions is a poor show from Microsoft) and your hitting errors trying to renew the SSL certifcate, the issue is that the patches released in April 2022 stopped the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard communicating due to the dashboard using TLS 1.1 and the patch restricting it to TLS 1.2.....see more

Microsoft Office Retail v Office Subscription what should you buy?

With the advent of cloud computing, Microsoft have developed their business model to encourage customers to look at either a purely cloud based subscription or a hybrid model of retail and subscription products to ensure recurring revenue....see more