Printing PDF files Windows 10

For those of you that regularly get PDF files that you need to print, there is a slight issue with Windows 10 that means your PDF files are opened by default with Edge (the new Windows Internet Browser).  Unfortunately there is one slight problem here…. Edge doesn’t like printing PDF files.

We’ve also just found that Windows 10 default app for images, aptly named Photos also doesn’t like printing images, so we’ve added the fix for that too.

The way to fix this is by not using Edge to view PDF files, after all it’s a web browser so it’s designed to view web pages.  Instead you can use either of the most popular PDF Readers around which are Adobe Acrobat DC or our preferred reader, which is Nitro Reader v5 which you can get here

Once you have one installed, then the process is pretty simple to change your system to open PDF files using a PDF reader.

Click on Start and then Settings.  The Settings Window appears

midlands-it-support-settingsClick on System and this Window appears.

midlands-it-support-systemClick on Default apps near the bottom of the windows and the following Window appears.

midlands-it-support-file-typeScroll down to the bottom of the page again and click on Choose default applications by file type, this Windows then appears

midlands-it-support-changeThe files are listed in alphabetical order, so you need to scroll quite for down the list to find .pdf.  Once you’ve located it, Microsoft Edge will most probably be displayed.  Click on that bit and a drop down list of the programs that you can use will appear.  For this example I’ve got Nitro Reader 3.  Just click on your preferred Reader (Acrobat or Nitro for example) so it displays in the box.

For images, search in the list for the following file types: jpe, jpg and jpeg.  Once you find them (and they are all together), change the Application to Windows Photo Viewer (which is the same one Windows 7 uses). The images will then print.

Once it does that.  Just close the windows and try opening and printing again.  It will work now.

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