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JWCS Achieves Microsoft Silver Partner Status

JWCS_Microsoft_Silver_PartnerJWCS are proud to announce that they have achieved Microsoft Silver Partner Status as a  Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Provider.

Having met the qualifying criteria which includes a number of independently verified customer references, training criteria and meeting Microsoft sales targets, the company has successfully achieve Silver Partner status as of July 2015.

We have been using Microsoft Cloud Services in-house since 2010, and following an extended period of evaluation and training, we offered the service to our customers in 2012, after ensuring that we could fully support the services for our clients.  We are not simply a reseller of the products, we provide full service management including data migration from on-premises to cloud.

Microsoft Cloud Services uses the same software as on-premises solutions such as SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Active Directory, so the only main difference is the interface from which you administer the system.  With over 20 years of supporting Microsoft systems, we are well placed to provide both Cloud and on-premises solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

We can also provide hybrid systems such as Microsoft Server 2012 Foundation and Server 2012 Essentials so you can have on-premises file storage including remote access, yet utilise Cloud based services such as email and offsite backup.

If you would like further information, please contact us

Why Flash Player is blocked in Firefox and Chrome

You might have noticed that when browsing the internet, the world has suddenly sped up as pages load a lot quicker and there is little or no changing content spread around your home page.  Why?  Well Mozilla (the makers or Firefox) and Google have finally had enough of the security flaws in Adobe Flash Player and disabled Flash player by default in both Firefox and Google Chrome.

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player (currently versions has been found to contain a number of security flaws which can be exploited to such a degree that it can be used to download and execute malicious software on a machine.

The bugs came to light after an Italian Security firm called Hacking Team were hacked (how surreal is that), and around 400GB of data which contains software flaws and vulnerabilities for a wide assortment of programs was published on the internet.

As soon as this information became public, hackers started to manipulate the flaws in the software to create malicious code that unsuspecting internet users could access, hence the unprecedented step taken to disable Flash Player all together.

So what do you do if your favourite games use Flash Player (Angry Birds for example), well as long as you’re careful you should be OK. A box will appear asking if you want to enable Flash Player. It will look something like this


If it’s a site that you recognise, such as your favourite game, you can click on Activate Adobe Flash.  A box will appear at the top left corner of the screen, select Allow Now (better to authorise each time you use it rather than give it access at all times) and away you go.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry when there are going to be some pretty nasty malware programs packed into Flash player over the next few days and weeks.

If you like to explore the internet, and click on links in Facebook and Twitter, my advise is to stay clear of anything that involves Flash.  It is really easy to put an attractive picture and a comment such as “You’ll never believe what she did next….” to try and entice you to open the post.  If it takes you to a site that looks suspect, or is too good to be true, it usually is.  The easiest ways to find malware, viruses and suspect programs is to use the word “Free” in a search.  I’d probably avoid trying to get free music, movies and games for the next few month too.  Use Spotify or YouTube if you want to listen to music, just avoid anything that appears to have copyrighted material for free.  Personally I’d rather pay the artist or creator, as at least they have an income to be able to take the time to create some more.

The internet will forever be full of brilliant and innovative things to make life better, more fun and informative.  It is also a breeding ground for faceless criminals who would happily steal the clothes off the back of a dying nun.  Be safe.